IWCF Certification Preparation Course

taught by Robert B Challinder
Robert B Challinder
Robert B Challinder
Senior IWCF Well Control Instructor/Director at the Australain Well Control Centre

Robert B. Challinder began his oil field career as a teenager in 1985 and over a 30-year field and shore base career worked his way to senior tool pusher on MODU (mobile offshore drilling units). During this time he has gained recognition for his strong skill set and knowledge, holding senior management and executive positions within the industry. Today, Mr. Challinder has nearly 30 years of experience and through his company AWCC continues to assist others in the industry to achieve their own professional goals.

Throughout his career, Mr. Challinder has worked in both onshore and offshore drilling environments within Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam just to name a few.

Prior to establishing the Australian Well Control Centre, Mr. Challinder has held driller and senior tool pusher roles across a variety of drilling contractors being, Maersk Drilling, Diamond Offshore and Schlumberger.

As a Management Account Mr. Challinder has held positions at Santos Ltd and Drilbiz Pty Ltd prior to turning his attentions to Well Control program design with such companies as ERMS in Adelaide, South Australia and of course his own venture being the Australian Well Control Centre.

During these times Mr. Challinder has been honored for his exceptional work by numerous employers, receiving multiple Merit and Technical Innovation awards in the area of project management, project cost control with a focus on innovation and accountability.

Over the years Mr. Challinder has earned diplomas in the areas of Accounting, EH&S, he holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business through James Cook University.

Mr. Challinder affiliations include the IWCF (International Well Control Forum) and the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) of which he is one of a handful of fully certified trainers and assessors within Australia.

Socially, Mr. Challinder has a lovely wife and five children that he is very close too, regular family activities and daily physical activities such as hiking, jogging and weight training keep him fairly busy when not working.

Course consists of: Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3

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Stage 1: Homework and Practice Tests
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Stage 2: Lessons Overview
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Additional Notes, Practice Tests and Answers
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